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Weight Pull Photos
Our First Fun Match training seminar was a smash! Seen old faces and new. Everyone was wonderful and had such a great time. Huge thanks go out to the following:
31-45 pound class:

1st place: Tyrus 40# owned by Laurie Romag
pulled 1740# at 43.5 x body weight.

2nd Place: Chino 34# owned by Josh & Mandi Shoemaker
pulled 1140# at 33.5 x body weight

46-60 pound class:

1st place: Tara 54# owned by Marci Bowling 
pulled 1620# at 30 x body weight

61-80 pound class

1st place: Rocko 68# owned by Lori Bowling
pulled 4100# at 60.2 x body weight

2nd place:Rocko 70# owned by Windy O'Donnell
Pulled 1260# at 18 x body weight

3rd place: Dutch 74# owned by David Moore
pulled 1260# at 17 x body weight

81-100 pound class

1st place: Nanook 92# owned by Carlos Holt
pulled 2820# at 30.6 x body weight

101-120 pound class

1st place: Blade 112# owned by Omar Ross
pulled 4100# at 36.6 x body weight
with people added 5820lbs, 51.9%

2nd place: Miles 102# owned by Josh Combe
pulled 1380# at 13.5 x body weight

3rd place: Nikki 110# owned by Carlos Holt
pulled 1260# at 11.4 x body weight

121 and up class

1st place: Kurgen 128# owned by Skip Russell
pulled 4100# at 32 x body weight.

Josh & Mandi Shoemaker
Chino 2nd place

Laurie and Tyrus 1st place

David and Dutch 3rd place

Josh and Miles 2nd place

Carlos and Nanook 1st place

Carlos and Nikki 3rd place

Lori Bowling and Rocko 1st place and MWPP

Marci Bowling and Tara 1st place

Omar Ross and the gang being pulled by his dog Blade
1st place

Windy O'Donnel and Rocko 2nd place

Skip and Kurgen 1st place

If you have photos of the pull please email them to us for our brag corner. Thanks for the great turn out.

Our first pull Oct 18, 2003 photos will be
featured here on this page.

Hope to see you and your dog here soon.