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      With a tear in my eye and a smile on my face, I must say good bye my friends. It has been the greatest pleasure to know each and every one of you. I am very pleased to have given you the gift I hold dear to my heart. The gift of a weight pull club and the treasure of desire for pulling them doggies. I couldn't be more proud then I am right now. You all have done a wonderful job with your dogs. Please keep up the fantasic work and remember to support the club and help when ever possible. Help those new to the sport and remember I am just a email away if you need help. 
       I look forward to seeing great things come out of Rip Curl Weight Pullers club. Now go out, work them doggies and most of all have a wonderful time! Remember this: It isn't about the titles, it isn't about the ribbons, it isn't about the % the dog pulls, it is ALL about having fun! Until we meet again my friends. God Bless and keep them doggies pulling! 
Much love and Respect,
The Bowling's
Lori, Bill and Marci
Rocko, Tara and Fury